I had a pretty clear idea of what I wanted, but I needed help organizing my thoughts and preparing a solid business plan to finance and launch my Physical Therapy clinic. Franklin at LogicMethods Consulting was extremely helpful and encouraging throughout the process. I was able to obtain the financing needed very quickly. Thank you, Thank you!

Joel M.
Danville, CA

I first hired LogicMethods Consulting to help me reorganize my Dental Practice. Although my revenues were not bad, I was frequently short of cash, and the business was more struggle than fun. Franklin analyzed my operating costs, making recommendations, he also suggested ways to improve our marketing. As our marketing became more effective, Franklin showed me new ways to cut my expenses. The end result is that our cash flow has improved dramatically. We have better clients now and are getting significant referral business.

Adelabu, P.
San Leandro, CA

A year after starting out our practice, my partners and I had what we thought was a good problem. A problem of too much business as our growth was tremendous that first year. After a while we realized that our bottom line was not reflecting the activity we were experiencing and need an audit of our business operations. We were growing quickly and landing lots of business, but we felt our risks and expenses were growing as fast as the revenues. The audit uncovered all of the problems we thought we had, plus a few more. With LogicMethods help we restructured our operations; accounting, payout, shared costs, work tracking, billing processes etc. After all the restructuring, I can now confidently say we are in a much better position today.

HealthPeak Inc.
McLean, VA